Emilia Yagüe Productions was formed in 2001 with the purpose of offering distribution and production services for the performing arts.

The company has worked with prominent figures in Spanish performing arts, such as Helena Pimenta, Andrea d’Odorico, Blanca Portillo, Charo López, or Fundación Antonio Gades among others.

It has always opted for distributing and producing the work of contemporary young authors (Álvaro Tato, Antonio Álamo, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, David Desola, Borja Ortiz de Gondra) as well as young companies which have currently gained national recognition.


  • Emilia Yagüe
    Emilia YagüeCEO
  • Carmen Quirós
    Carmen QuirósOffice Manager
  • Marina Camacho
    Marina CamachoTouring and distribution services. Communication.

Photographs by David Ruiz